We brand Real Estate with concepts and designs.


Turning Visions into Profits

Concepts by Jones is dedicated to elevating real estate revenue for project developers and investors. Specializing in creative strategies and branding, they understanding the unique needs of developers.

At Concepts by Jones, we craft impactful concepts for wellbeing, social cohesion and climate positivity. Beyond mere projects, we create visionary brands, breathing life into diverse visions, from care facilities to dynamic youth spaces. It identifies future-living solutions, focusing on social opportunities and innovative projects. Collaboration is at the core, benefitting target audiences and all stakeholders, including governments, architects, realtors, and project managers. Our commitment is to create meaningful and influential ideas that make a positive impact on a larger scale.

A proven success with Syntrus Achmea Real Estate underscores Concepts by Jones’ invaluable role in inspiring and profitable real estate ventures.

Client Relations

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Why choose us?


At Concepts by Jones, expect a personal touch, ensuring your vision is uniquely tailored and understood.


Concepts by Jones delivers professional excellence, backed by a decade of successful projects and expertise.


We keep our target audience in mind, understanding their needs now and in the future. To us the soft values matters the most.

With over a decade as a concept developer, I specialize in crafting impactful concepts, branding, and designs that resonate with innovative companies. My journey began with a childhood revelation about the power of creativity in shaping moods. Rooted in empathy for both clients and end-users, I offer cutting-edge solutions tailored to your unique needs. For larger projects, I collaborate with a select team of freelancers, enhancing creativity and delivering comprehensive solutions to meet your project’s distinct demands. Interested in having (digital) coffee? Schedule a non-binding appointment using the button below.

Kenroy Jones

Founder | Concept developer

Whatever good things we build, end up building us.

Jim Rohn



Turn your visions into market-ready concepts with strategic planning and innovative approach.


Craft unforgettable brand experiences that resonate with your target audience and drive engagement.


Bring functionality and style together in your space with practical and aesthetically pleasing design solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not fully answered? Send an email to info@conceptsbyjones.com

No. Concepts by Jones designs for different sectors, but real estate is our specialty. However, we provide value wherever our skills set is needed. 

While architects design the physical structure and project developers handle the execution, a Concept Developer crafts ideas and plans that influence the inspiration for building (similar to an architect) or serve as presentations for approval (similar to a project developer).

Concepts by Jones is guided by three core pillars in every project – Social Cohesion, where spaces foster community and interaction; Design for Wellbeing, ensuring environments positively impact users’ health; and Climate Positivity, incorporating sustainable practices for a greener, eco-friendly footprint. These pillars form the foundation of our innovative and holistic approach to design.

Your involvement is crucial. We value your input and collaborate closely to tailor concepts that align with your vision and goals.

Absolutely. We adapt our approach to suit the scale and budget of each project, ensuring flexibility and personalized solutions.

Timelines vary based on project complexity and scope, but we strive for efficiency without compromising the quality of the concept development process.

Our concepts serve as the foundation for a project’s appeal. Architects draw inspiration, and project developers use them for presentations. We focus on creating concepts that resonate with target audiences and set the stage for successful project development.

While we don’t directly handle approvals, our concepts are designed to make projects attractive to various stakeholders, including authorities. Project developers often use our concepts in presentations to secure approvals.

No, we specialize in conceptualizing ideas. We leave the physical construction to architects and project developers. Our focus is on creating concepts that inspire and resonate with the target audience, laying the groundwork for successful project development

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