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Step into the appealing world of I AM LATONA, a project that’s truly special to me. LATONA is more than just a building; it’s a haven for young professionals seeking upscale living. Picture this: LATONA, inspired by a Roman goddess, graces Utrecht’s ‘Maliebaan,’ standing tall on one of its finest streets. Our approach is unique – we engage your senses, greeting you with a special scent and friendly messages like, “Hi, I’m Latona. How’s your stay?” Residents love playing along, treating LATONA like a real person. Their joy confirms the success of our creative concept. If you’re curious, don’t miss LATONA on It’s not just real estate; it’s a blend of luxury, innovation, and a touch of magic that sets LATONA apart.

Raising revenue through a well-thought-out concept.

Witnessing the joy of residents was just one part; I also saw a shift in the Project managers and realtors’ perspectives. They embraced the belief that creativity could revolutionize Real Estate. The transition from mere ‘selling’ to ‘sharing a story’ was amazing! Our efforts bore fruit, not just in smiles but also in financial success. The numbers in the books reflected our impact, demonstrating that introducing a concept didn’t just enhance the experience – it elevated revenue.

Concept | Branding | Design

One Space

Let me introduce One Space, born out of the challenges posed by Covid-19. Anticipating limited access to public spaces, I envisioned a solution for my client, Syntrus Achmea Real Estate and Finance. The concept is straightforward – “A space where everything is in reach.” It’s a versatile building, fostering social cohesion among residents. In Delft, The Netherlands, our collaborative efforts with architects and interior designers resulted in diverse and inspiring spaces that fulfill our promise. One Space offers areas for work, live, play, eat, meet and sleep; catering to a variety of needs. 

A space where everything is in reach

Our success in Delft sparks enthusiasm for future expansions into other cities. Join us in redefining spaces and creating hubs of connectivity with One Space.

Concept | Branding | Design

Huize Hofland

In the past the town where this project was located had a history of protecting itself. The investors of this project were looking for a concept to build on to attract their target group. Instead of selling finished houses, the product is land on which you can built. Doing my research on the target audience, it’s clear that it would be a place where families would live. Knowing this the word protection came up again. Not so much protecting a town, but the protection of a family, a safe place where kids can grow up in a green environment. Everything was built around this concept.


I’m Kenroy, founder of Concepts by Jones.

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